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Following the method that has worked for so many, our students turn out truly one-of-a-kind essays that are remembered by readers. Here is one of many that we thought was absolutely terrific. So did Brown University.
Lily's College Admission Essay
“I know you’re terrified of this act,” said Ann, my director, “but you have to let yourself become vulnerable. We’re all here to support you. Trust us. We love you.” We were just days away from performing Our Town. I was Emily, I needed a breakthrough, and this was Act Three.
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"My interactions with Alan were consistently constructive and encouraging. No matter how much editing I received, I always wound up feeling good about myself. And even better when I got in early to the University of Pennsylvania!"
- Rajan P., Mesa, AZ (Accepted to University of Pennsylvania, ‘17)
"Alan assisted my twins in writing essays that helped them get into their first-choice schools. He kept us on task all the way through, inspiring the confidence we needed to manage this process."
- Julie S., Larchmont, NY
"With an educator’s attentiveness and editor’s keen insight, Alan provides applicants with much-needed advice as well as the confidence and skills they need to win over the admissions dean."
- Sue Wasiolek, Dean of Students at Duke University
"We use Alan's book, Conquering the College Admissions Essay, in my writing classes, and one of my students, who doesn't always love writing, told me, "I really like the way this book talks to me… I get it. I even found myself reading beyond the chapters assigned. And that never happens!"
- Darlene Brown, Heritage Academy English Teacher, Braselton, GA
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