Way to Go, Class of 2021!

Word has it that this was the hardest year ever for students applying to the top colleges. Cornell University reported both record applications and acceptance rates. The university got more than 47,000 apps and opened their doors to a new low of 12.5%. The University of Pennsylvania also smashed records this season. There were more than 40,000 applications, including both early and regular apps, and they admitted only 9.15%. The acceptance rate is the lowest in UPenn’s history. Brown received their highest number of applications with 32,724 and accepted a record low of 8.3%.

I am proud to report that my students this year did splendidly. Here is a partial list of schools that my 50+ students were admitted to:

MIT (2)
Cal Tech (2)
Princeton (1)
Harvard (1)
Yale (2)
Brown (2)
University of Michigan (4)
Cornell (2)
Stanford (2)
University of Pennsylvania (2)
Wake Forest (3)
Syracuse (2)
Columbia (2)
Ohio State
Purdue (2)
Johns Hopkins
University of Chicago
University of Virginia
University of California Irvine
University of California Santa Barbara
University of California San Diego (1)
University of Virginia (2)
Boston College (2)
Boston University (2)
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Congratulations to you all. You were hard workers and met the challenge. I’m glad these Conquer essays worked for you.